Zune Guy calls Microsoft 'liars,' says Zune situation is 'f***ing bulls**t'

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|07.26.08

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Zune Guy calls Microsoft 'liars,' says Zune situation is 'f***ing bulls**t'

You've probably heard by now that the infamous Zune Guy ("Microsoft Zune") was so disappointed with Microsoft that he's elected to have his ink removed in place of something more in line with his shifted priorities. In addition to the reconstructive work he's going to have, ZG claims that Microsoft actually lied to him about his free trip to the Redmond campus, which (as you might imagine) further tarnishes his image of the company. Unfortunately, according to reps from Microsoft we spoke with, the trip was never confirmed -- only discussed -- and ultimately canceled due to the very reasonable fear that it might lead a lot of "hyper-engaged users" to expect a trip of their own (though they did hook our man up with a free Zune and some related swag). What you probably haven't heard (or seen) is his sprawling video rant, in which he accuses the big M of dropping the ball on his favorite PMP before going on a general rage-bender. We've included the video after the break (careful moms, it's full of expletives), as well as link to a zunescene forum where the Zune Guy reveals he's just purchased a new PMP... an iPod.

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