MacBook rumors swirling: glass trackpads, custom chipsets, ponies, ice cream

An interesting wave of MacBook rumors hit today, for some reason, following up on these weird case images we saw a while back. First up, Seth Weintraub at Computerworld says the new machines will be manufactured in an all-new process out of one sheet of aluminum and feature glass multi-touch trackpads -- which seems entirely unnecessary, since there's no reason for the trackpads to be clear if there's no screen underneath them. (No, there's not going to be a screen underneath them. Stop it.) Second, AppleInsider says that the inherent suck of Intel's integrated graphics solutions is pushing Apple away from using the Centrino 2 / Montevina platform in the MacBook, and that the company's planning on doing its own custom chipset instead. That'd be a big step for Apple, since it's basically used Intel reference designs ever since it went x86 -- but given how useless Intel's integrated graphics are when really pushed, we can see why Apple's ready to walk away. Of course, this is all nothing more than rumor and speculation, so we wouldn't expect any of this to actually come to pass, but hey, it's fun to dream, right?

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