Michael Dell hints at smartphone plans in recent interview

Rumors of Dell playing a role in the smartphone industry have been around for what seems like ages, but each time the fire dies down, another can of lighter fluid emerges to get us all wondering again. In a recent interview with Om Malik, the bigwig had more than a few interesting things to say on the computing industry as a whole. Still, what intrigued us wasn't the talk about being a founder or changing up Dell's game in order to rebound -- no, it was Michael's remarks on the handset sector. When asked if there was a "desire" on its part to work with Android or Symbian, Mr. Dell stated that the company "is kind of working on that," although it wasn't ready to "publicly disclose" plans. Granted, he also asked us "not to expect anything anytime soon" when referring to a phone, but would you really expect any CEO with a trick up his / her sleeve to say anything different?