New Xbox 360 Dashboard update gets leaked, shown off

Sure, we've seen the Xbox 360's forthcoming Dashboard update demoed in a polished presentation and detailed in high res press pics, but if you're like us, you don't really get exciting about something until it's leaked out into the wild and shown off blurry cam-style. The particularly adventurous can apparently even take their chances and install this new "Xbox Experience" update themselves, but the exact details about where to get it and how to install it are understandably a bit hard to come by. If you do go that route, however, you'll need to make sure you have a modded console with an Infectus 2 Chip in the system and, most likely, a second 360 to fall back on in the event the first bursts into flames. The rest of us will just have to make do with the video after the break.

[Via Xbox-Scene News]