Dell's Studio Hybrid product page goes live: Gotta Spec 'Em All!

Cat's out of the bag: we're nerds, and can't think of a better way to spend a Tuesday morning than to shuffle through endless configuration pages, trying to build the best bang-for-buck Studio Hybrid on the internet. Dell's product page for the new mini desktop -- which was released last night -- is now online, and offers up that fabled $499 configuration, in addition to some rather spendy siblings. For instance, if you want to go bamboo that's an extra $130 right out of the gate, a display will cost you $200 minimum, it's $50 to bump the Hybrid up to 2GB of RAM, that Blu-ray drive is a hefty $250 add-on, and WiFi will cost you $70. There's no option for discreet graphics -- that's no surprise -- and the TV tuner option is of the USB dongle variety. Luckily some of Dell's pre-configured versions come with decent "Instant Savings," but it's clear Dell is going for a slightly premium, design-conscious consumer here, not the spendthrift.

[Thanks, Nathan]