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Ridax first company to overprice iPhone 3G charging adapter

Although the 30-pin Dock connector in the iPhone 3G looks the same as it has since it was introduced in the 2G iPod, it's different in one important (and maddening) way -- it doesn't support charging the older FireWire charging pins, only the newer USB method. That means a whole host of older chargers and docks don't work with the iPhone 3G -- and it also means that we'll be seeing a lot of adapters like this one from Ridax make the scene. Hopefully other manufacturers won't see fit to charge a whopping $40 for two connectors and a resistor like Ridax, but if you're desperate enough to drop two Jacksons on this thing, you'll also be able to charge through the built-in mini-USB connector on the side. We'll wait, though -- we expect to see some cheaper, smaller options on the table by the time this thing ships in September.