Deutsche Telekom reportedly planning to offer e-book reader

Details are really light on this one at the moment, but Germany's Der Spiegel apparently has it on authority that Deutsche Telekom is working on an e-book reader of its own, a move that follows a similar initiative from France Telecom's Orange division. Apparently, Deutsche Telekom's offering, dubbed News4Me, will be tailored specifically to delivering an "individual electronic newspaper" to users, with its content and layout able to "adapt constantly to the way that you read" -- we'd assume it'd boast some other standard e-book reader functions as well. Unfortunately, there's no indication at all as to what the device itself will be like, but Deutsche Telekom is reportedly set to begin conducting tests with "a few dozen" customers in Berlin sometime this fall -- assuming it's able to line up deals with newspapers and other content providers before then, that is.

[Via Crunch Gear]