AMD's new 790GX chipset for gamers on a "budget"

AMD's got a new performance-per-dollar platform for running Phenom processors without breaking the bank. The 790GX is being positioned right below AMD's top of the line 790FX, with a typical motherboard built around the technology costing around $355. Primary advantages of the chipset include Advanced Clock Calibration, which allows Phenom speeds of 3.2GHz and up, and ATI Radeon HD 3300 integrated graphics -- though of course you can ramp up to discreet graphics or CrossFireX if you're really feeling it. The folks at HotHardware already took a chipset for a spin, and while it won't be besting the best from Intel, it seems to be showing some strong leadership in its price category compared to related Intel and NVIDIA technologies. It's shipping now.

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