Intel's Nehalem-based laptop platform to be called "Calpella"

Intel's barely out the door with Centrino 2, but those in the know are already getting ready for Nehalem -- so get used to hearing the "Calpella" codename a lot more, since it's apparently what Intel is calling its next laptop platform. In addition to supporting WiMAX in addition to b/g/n WiFi, the new chipset rearranges things from Intel's typical package, with the memory controller moving onto the CPU and a new integrated chipset called Ibex Peak-M handling many other duties. Like all processor / chipset roadmaps, this one is definitely still in flux -- and it's a Digitimes rumor, so expect things to significantly change by the time the first Nehalem laptops hit the street in the second half of 2009.

[Via The Inquirer]