Git along, li'l dogies

Time for a little WoW blog roundup, cowpokes! Whoopie-ti-yi-yo!

Making gold with second account | Full Time WoW Addict
With Blizzard's new refer-a-friend incentive, you might be thinking about opening a second account to get those XP benefits. Even better, Examino at Full Time WoW Addict shows you how to earn your raiding gold with some light multiboxing. No Wrath spoilers!

Spellpower and You: Gearing in WotLK | Banana Shoulders
Siha at Banana Shoulders (best blog name ever!) compares theories to practice in Wrath's current Paladin spellpower changes.

Achievements and why they suck | Yet Another Warlock Nerf
Some people think the achievements system coming in Wrath is awesome sauce. Horns at Yet Another Warlock Nerf vigorously disagrees.

Three more blog dogies after the break...

WoW's PvP system is about to come crashing down | Hudson's Hideout
At Hudson's Hideout, the blog's namesake explains what's wrong with WoW's PvP system and how an upcoming MMO may force changes to it. No Wrath spoilers!

The Funniest Guild Application Ever | Eye for an Eye
Josh is a Retribution Paladin blogging at Eye for an Eye. He riffs on a shared topic that's making the rounds and offers a very funny account of a very silly supplicant. No Wrath spoilers!

How To: Maximize your PvE DPS as Combat Swords | A Rogue's Eye View
A Rogue's Eye View is written by Andy Salisbury, a self-described "ex-intern of PC Gamer Magazine." In this detailed post he describes what combat rotations work best for Combat Swords rogues in PvE. No Wrath spoilers!

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PS: Definition of dogies and, yes, it's spelled correctly.