iriver Spinn gets the hands-on treatment

We just caught sight of a video of iriver's sleek new Spinn media player the other day, but if you've been hankering for an even closer look at the device, you can now hit up Crave's UK site for a thorough hands-on look at it. That includes, as you can see, a comparison with a slew of other devices (the Spinn is the shining beacon of silver in the middle), as well as some pics that give a better indication of the device's fit and finish (and unfortunately non-standard USB connector). What's more, while they're reserving final judgment for their full review, the folks at Crave certainly seem to be impressed with the unit, saying that AMOLED screen is "unbelievably crisp," and that the player itself is "well worth the excitement."

[Thanks, Andew]