Lotus' Safe and Sound technology gives hybrids a voice

Okay, so maybe it's not a huge deal if your Civic Hybrid only hums around town, but when behind the wheel of say, a Lightning GT, you're going to want that bad boy to make some serious racket. Lotus is taking a somewhat fresh concept and kicking out an idea of its own in order to give some grunt back to battery-filled whips. Currently, the auto maker is utilizing a Prius (what, couldn't net an Elise loaner?) in order to show off its "Safe and Sound" technology (video after the break), which integrates a speaker setup just behind the front bumper in order to alert pedestrians just before they're mangled by an ultra-green, eco-friendly vehicle. Wonder if we'll ever be able to purchase new exhaust tones from our in-dash navigation system -- '69 Shelby GT500, anyone?

[Via Wired]