Video: Aigo's Patriot MID released, demonstrated inside elevator

Right on schedule, Aigo's 800MHz Atom Z500-powered P8860 MID (aka, the Gigabyte M528 for the US and Europe) is hitting the mean, retail streets of Hong Kong today. With it, we've got a bit of video showing off the new pen+finger-based MIDLinux (aka, Midinux) GUI which looks far better than it did when we went hands-on with the Gigabyte back in March. All in all, this 4.8-inch MID with Bluetooth, WiFi, sliding QWERTY, 4GB SSD, microSD expansion, and GPS and HSDPA data options is looking quite righteous for that $700-ish price tag and early reports coming out of UMPC Fever. Now bust out the xylophone and get ready to play along with the video posted after the break.

[Via Pocketables]