Dell announces new Latitude E series

Dell's dropping a ton of new laptops on us today, and first up are the new Latitudes. Just like we'd heard, the E series is replacing the Ds, with seven new models total. As you no doubt remember from our Week o' Dell Scoops, the E6500, E6400, E5500, and E5400 are the traditional models with 15.4 and 14.1-inch displays, while the E4400 and E4200 are ultraportables and the previously-leaked E6400 ATG is a ruggedized edition. The 12-inch E4200 is the lightest corporate laptop Dell's ever made, at just 2.2 pounds, while the 13.3-inch E4200 comes in a 3.4 pounds. Both feature Latitude ON, which allows you to access data without fully booting the machine -- sounds a lot like SplashTop to us. Dell's claiming that the batteries on the larger machines can last for up to 19 hours, which sounds great, but we'll believe it when we see it. The new models also have an available backlit keyboard, and can be outfitted with dual pointing devices, fingerprint readers, and WWAN options including WiMAX.

Update: Dell just told us that Latitude ON is not based on SplashTop, but is a different embedded Linux solution.