Microsoft Surface checks into Sheraton Hotels

Alright, Microsoft: we take it all back. It was wrong, just wrong of us to impugn your promotional filmmaking skills. That Bruce Springsteen parody? Spot on. Awkward Vegas flirtations? True pathos. And now, to promote the launch of your latest version of the Surface table for Sheraton Hotels, you've crafted the touching story of a curious kid, a smug photo-twirler, her tardy date and a loving asian family. We don't want to spoil anything, but complications ensue, folks, and this is one nail-biter worthy of a sequel. Do they all end up going to dinner together? Or are they destined to troll Craigslist that evening, seeking their missed connection...

You: Cute family.
Me: Sultry Surface spokeswoman.
My date was a disaster, and now I'm all alone for the weekend, let me teach you how to pair your phones with the table over Bluetooth, and then we can all go get ice cream together!

Heartbreaking, simply heartbreaking. Video is after the break.