3-Alarm fire burns at Apple's Cupertino campus

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Thomas Ricker
August 13, 2008 4:40 AM
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3-Alarm fire burns at Apple's Cupertino campus
Uh oh. At about 10pm pacific time, a 3-alarm fire (about 66 firefighters responding) was reported at Apple's Valley Green Six building on Apple's Cupertino campus. The site which is just down the road from the Infinite Loop HQ is said to be an R&D building by Apple personnel -- Apple has not confirmed this. The fire seems to be under control with no reported injuries although it's too soon for any kind of damage estimates. As surreal as it sounds, The Mercury News reports that, "Some Apple employees stopped by to look at the scene and snap pictures on their I-phones." And fiddle, presumably. Hit the read link for a local news video report.

[Via MercuryNews, thanks Jeff T.]
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