Fujitsu Siemens ships world's first zero-watt monitor

It's been a solid tick since we've seen a new monitor from Fujitsu Siemens, but apparently it's been spending a lot of time on its SCENICVIEW Premium Line ECO range. Announced today, the 20-inch P20W-5 ECO and the 22-inch P22W-5 ECO are being hailed as the planet's first to feature power supplies that "automatically switch off completely in power-save mode." The whole zero-watt bit comes from their ability to suck down precisely no power when not in use, while the majority of LCDs continue to draw slivers of energy even in standby. Furthermore, the new devices include the DisplayView AutoBright functionality, which automatically adjusts brightness "in harmony with ambient light" in order to net even greater power savings. Both screens are available now in Europe starting at €419 ($625), though 24- and 26-inch models are arriving next month.

[Via BIOS]