VUDU announces $0.99 extended rentals, "99 for 99" movie channel

Shortly after picking up its very own adult channel, VUDU is announcing a more, shall we say, family friendly bit today. Effective immediately, VUDU users will be able to renew any SD rental for $0.99 within seven days of first viewing the film, while renewals of HD rentals will cost $1.99. Additionally, VUDU has launched a new "99 for 99" movie channel which contains a rotating list of 99 films that can be rented for -- you guessed it -- just south of a Washington. Interestingly, VUDU calls the deals "summer blockbuster specials," though there's no sign of an end date for either. Can't say this totally changes the way we see the movie set-top-box, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. Full release after the jump.


VUDU Enables Rental Renewal for 99 Cents and Launches "99 for 99" Movie Channel.
First Major Shift in Rental Window Policy in Digital Delivery Category

SANTA CLARA, CA – August 13, 2008 – VUDU, the company that brings instant access to 1080p HD entertainment to the living room, today announced a summer movie extravaganza that will let viewers rent recent blockbuster hits and cinematic classics for just 99 cents from VUDU's groundbreaking service.

Extended Rental for $0.99: Starting immediately, the VUDU service will allow viewers to renew any standard definition video rental for just 99 cents within seven days of first viewing a film. The 99 cents video renewal is a first in the digital delivery category and guarantees that VUDU owners receive the most generous rental renewal policy in the industry. The rental of high definition movies can be extended for $1.99.

99 for 99: Simultaneously, VUDU launched a movie channel called "99 for 99". Its editorial team selected 99 blockbuster films each available to rent for 99 cents. New films will be rotated into the channel to ensure that new mega-hits are always available throughout the year.

"In this age of $4-a-gallon gas and staycations, we felt that VUDU customers deserved a break and should be able to watch a great film for just 99 cents," said Patrick Cosson, VP of Marketing for VUDU. "These initiatives are groundbreaking. Our 99 cent rental renewal is a first in our industry and will make it easier for our viewers to finish watching a great movie when it fits their schedule, not ours."

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