Gateway P-7811 FX gaming laptop gets reviewed

We already got our hands on Gateway's new P-7811 FX gaming laptop for a brief looksee, but if you're craving a few more details on the (relatively) bargain-priced unit, you can now hit up Laptop Magazine for a full review. While they had some of the same quibbles with the "almost garish" design, they were mightily impressed by the laptop overall, with them flat out declaring it "one of the best value-price rigs of 2008." The site was especially impressed by the Gateway's "beautiful high-definition display," as well as its welcome HDMI and eSATA ports, its spacious and comfortable keyboard and, of course, some of the best 3D performance around for the price. On the downside, they found that speakers left a bit to be desired, and you don't get a Blu-ray drive, which is becoming increasingly common even in this price range. Still, if the appearance isn't a deal-breaker for you, it seems like this one is as solid a bet as any.