Sony brewing up 1:1 motion tracking sword game for PS2 and EyeToy

This makes sense on very many levels, but at the same time we've gotta think those long-suffering PS3 owners will be a bit "hacked off" by Sony's announcement of a motion-tracking sword game headed for... the PS2. The PS2's market saturation (every man, woman and child on earth has at least two), and the EyeToy's general success (10.5 million units sold) make the combo the perfect trojan horse for fighting the good fight against Wii world domination. Sony's using new (sort of) color tracking technology to beef up the EyeToy's motion tracking that will let it detect and track brightly colored objects, instead of just motion, for two new EyeToy: Play games due for the holidays this year. The one we've really got our eye on is the kiddie-oriented Hero which is a first person perspective sword fighting game that comes complete with a fluorescent toy sword for battling kinda-almost-evil antagonists. Of course, none of this would be disappointing in the slightest if Sony would just work PS2 backwards compatibility into its fully capable PS3, and hey, maybe they'll surprise us. Nudge, comma, nudge. Wink. Wink.

[Thanks, Seth B]