Lenovo's IdeaPad S9 Lite gets a site, more specs, and discounted pricing... in Hong Kong

If you've been making a mess of the floor (you know, with drool) waiting for Lenovo's IdeaPad S9 netbook to come flying in your direction, here's a little something to further whet your appetite. A "Lite" version of the device appears to have gotten official pricing, specs, a site, and apparently a deal if you buy three at once (at least in Hong Kong). The diminutive laptop will feature that Intel N270 Atom CPU (at 1.6GHz) we've already heard about, an 8.9-inch SWVGA display, 512MB of RAM, a 4GB SSD, and will apparently utilize a Linux build. That last point is of note as this model was previously believed to be carrying around an install of Windows XP. The new literature also suggests that the S9 (and presumably the S10) will pack a multi-touch trackpad, and be available in white, red, or pink. The S9 Lite will be launched next month, and prices run from HKD 2,899 (about $371) for a single model down to HKD 1,933 ($247) if you pick up three at once. And hey, who doesn't need three small laptops?

[Thanks, Joe; Via UMPC Fever]