Analyst says first Android phone will ship in November, possibly without Exchange

The HTC Dream may have already cleared the FCC, but at least one analyst that has actually seen the very first Android-based device, Moe Tanabian of IBB Consulting, says that it will only be hitting stores around Thanksgiving in November, and not September or October as many were expecting. He also says that its "unclear" whether the phone will support Microsoft Exchange or not (at least right out of the gate), and that users may have to rely on Gmail if they want to receive push email. Among other tidbits, he also confirms that the device will have access to T-Mobile's own App Store-like service, and that it'll come with Google's advertising software pre-installed, which he says could not only lower the cost of the phone, but allow for lower monthly service fees as well. Of course, you'll have to take that with all the usual analyst caveats for the time being, but we're sure we'll be hearing plenty more to back it up or shoot it down before the September / October / November launch.

[Via Electronista]