Archos 5 gets the hands-on treatment

Archos has only just taken the wraps off its new Generation 6 "internet media tablets" but, right on cue, the folks at Generation MP3 have already turned out a pretty extensive hands-on with one of 'em, the Archos 5. One thing that was immediately apparent to them is that the device's shiny new black casing is a lot more prone to fingerprints than the metal casing of the Archos 605 that it replaces but, as they point out, the near lack of buttons (just three on top) at least means there's less of that casing to get smudged up. They also found that the screen is not as "soft" as the 605 but, unfortunately, it's not multi-touch, and there's no accelerometer to allow for quick changes of orientation. Of course, if it's pics your looking for, they've also got plenty of those, and you can find 'em at the link below.