Lenovo's IdeaPad S10 with X4500 graphics dubbed "Wind and Eee PC killer"

Hey friend, ready for a full Lenovo IdeaPad S10 review? Sorry, this ain't it, but Laptop's initial hands-on with this "sweet 10-incher" might be enough to help with any imminent purchasing decisions requiring $429 in cash. What if we sweetened the deal and told you that Lenovo's netbook also features that very same un-netbooky X4500 integrated graphics found in Intel's Centrino 2 chipset -- no lame GMA950 here, pal. And as oddball as it sounds, one reader discovered that the red-colored S10 also features an external CD-RW/DVD-ROM for the same price as the white S10 (but $10 more than the black model). Check the full hands-on text (laced with adjectives like "spacious," "lovely," and "stylish") and video (where it's dubbed a Wind and Eee PC killer) just beyond the read link and just for you buddy.

Update: A number of would-be buyers are reporting another case of Lenovo's retail ineptitude. The X4500 graphics appears to be just another misprint -- like those free SSDs and $200 14.1-inch laptops seen before. Hell, even the optical drive appears to be the stuff of data entry error. At this point it looks like we've got another GMA950 netbook on our hands which certainly makes more sense. Our advice? If you're ready to purchase then at least get on the horn with sales and confirm that bill of materials.

[Thanks, Peter and Boning C.]