Canon EOS 50D briefly appears on Canon's Chinese site

We'd take all these rumors with a huge grain of salt given how much chatter there is ahead of Photokina, but Canon's Chinese site briefly posted an official page for an EOS 50D this afternoon. It's down now, but the listed specs are pretty solid: 15.1 megapixel sensor with a 1.6x crop and ISO 12800 sensitivity through a DIGIC 4 processor, dust reduction, VGA-res 3-inch LCD, and built-in image stabilization -- which is a little odd given Canon's great line of IS lenses. Google still has the page cached if you want to take a look -- it's thrilling, trust us.

PS.- As usual, this image has been floating around forever, so it's probably a mockup.

[Via FredMiranda, thanks Gerald]

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