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7.6-inch OLED displays go mass production, next stop UMPCs and Kodak photo frames?

Sometime shortly after Philips introduced it first digital photo frame -- let's call it CES, January 2006 -- something happened to the industry: it went to crap. Instead of focusing on quality displays vendors started tossingingimmicks to sell their goods. This might change now that 7.6-inch OLEDs are going mass production.

Already, Kodak is rumored to have placed an order for the medium-sized panels set to roll off the lines in September at CMO's Chi Mei EL (CMEL) factory. That should mean incredibly vibrant, thin, high-contrast frames with 16.7 million colors spread across 800 x 480 pixels just in time for the holidays. While dropping these pricey displays into low-cost netbooks would be a stretch, we wouldn't be surprised to see a few of those 7-inchUMPCs make the move to OLED as well.

[Via OLED-info]

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