ASUS N10 netbook forgets the streets, ditches Eee moniker

It looks like ASUS knows how much it's trashed the Eee brand -- the company's new, higher-end 10.2-inch netbook is simply labeled "N10" in an effort to give the rig some premium cachet, and it looks like it deserves it, with a slick new case, Altec Lansing speakers, HDMI out, and a 1024 x 768 display. Apart from Digitimes saying pricing will be in the range of €300 - €400 ($446 - $595) -- which we're not buying -- that's really all we know, but we're sure to find out more soon. Anyone else think it's funny that ASUS so diluted the Eee brand in under a year that it has to start a new premium line? Tons more pictures at the read link.