Epoq EGP-PP01 KIRF projector phone now shipping

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|08.25.08

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Epoq EGP-PP01 KIRF projector phone now shipping

Sigh. We're still stoked about phones with built-in projectors, but we're not at all okay with the first commercially-available unit being the nasty Epoq EGP-PP01 iPhone clone -- yet we've got to hand it to China King for being the first out the gate with a handset that'll beam a 30-inch VGA image on the wall for two hours off the built-in battery. Of course, that doesn't mean we think anyone should actually drop $550 on this uninspired piece, but if you've absolutely got to show off your witty texting banter to the entire bar, this is your only option.

PS.- Please don't be that guy.

[Via About Projectors]
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