iriver P20 media player and M3 GPS navigator headed to IFA

While traditionally known as a forum for HDTVs, the big IFA show in Berlin is also shaping up as a showcase battle for Korean DAPs. Hot on the arching heels of Cowon's S9 Curve comes this, the (re)announcement of iriver's P20. While we first saw the P20 as a plastic prototype at CES, we're desperately hoping for a fully functional, 80/120GB media player this time around. The device is still spec'd with a 4.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen display capable of pumping 12-, 9-, or 8-hours of music, video, or DMB TV at a clip, respectively. It's also likely sporting a SPINN UI judging by that thumb-wheel. Also on deck is the M3 portable GPS navigator / media player with 3.5-inch touch screen LCD. More details on Friday when trade show floor opens its doors.