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Panasonic HDTVs take center stage at Democratic National Convention

Besides being covered in high definition for the first time, tonight when the Democratic National Convention kicks off, while comparing HD feeds, we'll be looking out for the three 103-inch Panasonic plasmas conveniently located behind the podium. As the "official" HDTV and High Definition Equipment provider it's also dropping 200 Viera Plasmas, 52 HD camcorders and DSLR cameras, 40 HD production monitors, two HD projectors and 100 laptops on the Obama/Biden camp. Of course we wonder where the 150-inch plasma is, but since appearing "elite" has already been a problem, we can see why they'd select a 103-inch model that's owned by at least one friend of ours. We wonder if anyone's vote will hinge on the all important issue of LCD vs. plasma.

Update: You can check 'em out now on the live HD Silverlight / Move Networks powered stream at the Democratic National Convention website, along with hilariously out of sync and delirious dancing courtesy of convention attendees.