Freak Peek sneak peek leaks, piques curiosity

For many of us, the mere thought of toting yet another device in our pocket, purse, or belt holster is truly disgusting, particularly when said device resembles a primitive BlackBerry hewn from solid stone and does literally nothing but send and receive email for twenty bucks a month. For others, though, the Peek might be just what the doctor ordered. Laptop Magazine took a quick look at the $100 email-only brick, declaring it "dead simple" to use -- a good thing, considering its target demo -- and finding its expansive soft-touch keyboard easy on the fingers. As ugly as it might be, it'll be easy enough to hide; Laptop says users will have no issues tucking it into a pocket, owing in no small part to the fact that it's a full 30 percent thinner than the iPhone 3G. Still, we're going to like 'em ten times better when they're hacked to run Android, Doom, Maemo, or pretty much anything else that ends in "ux."

Update: Gadling's got a hands-on with the Peek as well and expects to post a full review in the next few days. Have a... peek, why don't you?