DLO introduces HomeDock HD Pro: its latest upscaling iPod dock

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.27.08

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DLO introduces HomeDock HD Pro: its latest upscaling iPod dock

One thing's for sure: DLO's pretty attached to its HomeDock brand, and evidently it could care less about just how confusing these naming schemes are to customers. Let's clear some cobwebs real quick -- this isn't the HomeDock Pro, nor is it the HomeDock HD. Rather, it's the HomeDock HD Pro, a glorious combination of the two (or something). Aimed at home theater enthusiasts and home installers alike, this upscaling iPod dock takes stored content to 720p or 1080i over HDMI, and you'll also find an HDMI extension socket, optical digital audio port, RS-232 control connector and IR output for supporting universal remotes. Expect this one to set you back $399 when it arrives this fall. Full release after the jump.


DLO HomeDock HD Pro to be unveiled at CEDIA Expo 2008

Upscaling iPod dock lets custom installers add high-definition iPod playback to home integration networks

DENVER – High-definition is coming to the award-winning DLO HomeDock PRO with the unveiling of HomeDock HD PRO - the all-new on-TV entertainment dock lets custom installers integrate iPod functionality into home installations, letting customers view, select and enjoy iPod content directly on their HDTV. With HD upscaling technology and industry-standard connectivity, the HomeDock HD PRO is changing the way customers enjoy their home entertainment systems. The new HomeDock HD PRO will be shown in the DLO/Philips booth at CEDIA Expo in Denver (Booth #516), September 4-7, 2008.

Shipping in fall 2008, the HomeDock HD PRO upconverts iPod video to 1080i or 720p through an HDMI connection. With its optical digital audio output users are ensured a completely digital iPod experience. And, with both the industry standard connectivity (RS-232) and I.P., the HomeDock HD PRO makes it simple to give your customers exactly what they've been asking for - a seamless integration of their iPod into their custom home entertainment system with an easy to use graphical interface.

In addition to providing superior audio and video output, the new HomeDock HD PRO also features an HDMI extension, enabling connectivity of HDMI devices at shorter distances. The HomeDock HD PRO also includes IR output to enable integration with universal remote controls. Additionally, the enhanced on-TV interface of the HomeDock HD features album art in an icon-based visual flow format for an exceptional user experience.

The HomeDock HD PRO will be available in fall 2008. For more information, please visit www.dlo.com/homedockpro.
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