Samsung's BlackJack II gets its Windows Mobile 6.1 treatment

This has to wrap up the lunacy that has seen Windows Mobile 6.1 updates for just about everything that needed one in recent times. We've seen 6.1 hacked for Sammy's BlackJack, but it's sorta sweet of them to get it out to us all official-like. The release notes on Samsung's site mention threaded SMS, Domain enrollment, and even a BMW iDrive patch as tout-worthy features, in this, the newest and best from Microsoft. As a word of caution, following the instructions to the letter is always a good plan during ROM updates, as failure to do so can lead to a very dead handset. Thanks Samsung, we appreciate the speedy software updates. Read link has the goods.

Update: As a couple readers noticed, the links are dead for the updates -- though the pages are still up. Hopefully, they'll get those links sorted quick.

Update 2: They're up! Enjoy!

Read - Windows XP update page for Samsung BlackJack II
Read - Vista update page for Samsung BlackJack II

[Via Boy Genius Report]