Samsung kicks out SyncMaster 2243Hz and 2233Hz desktop LCDs

Just when you thought manufacturers couldn't possibly manage another refresh of 22-inch LCDs, Samsung shows up at IFA with two of them. The 2233Hz (pictured) and the 2243Hz (after the break) SyncMaster desktop LCDs share a screen size, 1680 x 1050 resolutions, 300 nits of brightness and 5ms typical response times. Both displays also feature Samsung's new Enhanced MPAII to drop Motion Picture Response time from 27ms to a mere 9ms, which should give ghosting-phobics some relief. Sadly, there's no mention of DisplayLink, but of course there are DVI plugs with HDCP. The only differences we can find between the displays is four USB plugs (instead of two) on the 2243Hz, plus MagicRotation for pivoting the display. No word on when these will be available or for how much.