[UPDATED] New titles for Wrath

Blizzard promised us more titles and boy, it looks like they're going to deliver. WotLK Information Wiki and MMO Champion have dug up some information on what appears to be a plethora of new titles. Unfortunately, most of the them are Feats of Strength that can only be obtained by one person ever per server. Daunting? Most certainly. But what are titles if they aren't special?

First off, though, there are a handful of titles available to more than just one person. 'Arena Master' is obtained by everyone who completes the Arena Achievements. It's not quite a Feat of Strength, but there aren't too many players who will obtain a Rating of 2200 in all three brackets. Of all the Achievements required to unlock the title, those three are about the toughest ones and if you're capable of hitting 2200 in all three brackets, the rest should be cake.

One title that sounds pretty cool is 'The Hallowed', which is obtained by completing all 18 Hallow's End Achievements, the hardest of which might just be obtaining the rare Sinister Squashling. Then there's 'The Diplomat', which many players will already receive at the launch of Beta -- it simply requires getting to Exalted with Timbermaw Hold, Sporeggar, and the Kurenai or Mag'har. Obsessive questers will eventually achieve 'The Seeker' after completing a whopping 3000 quests.

Finally, there's the odd and quirky 'Salty' which can be obtained by completing all the Fishing Achievements. This is a pretty tough one that has some difficult feats like getting Mr. Pinchy, fishing up Gah'zranka in Zul'Gurub and The Lurker Below in Serpenshrine Cavern, and winning the Fishing extravaganza in Stranglethorn Vale. Pretty tough feats just to be called Salty! After the jump, we'll take a look at all the titles that only one person can get.

[UPDATE] Tigole supposedly confirms the existence of an Ambassador <Name> title for players who achieve Exalted reputation with all 5 racial factions of the Horde and Alliance. It's a nice little nod to old school players out there.

Class titles
These titles are awarded to the first of a certain class to Level 80 per realm. Do you think you're up to the task of rushing to max Level as soon as Wrath is unleashed? Well, most of the titles from hereon are reserved for the most -- dedicated -- of players. Are you on a hardcore realm? Good luck.

  • Arch Druid <Name> - First Druid to Level 80

  • Archmage <Name> - First Mage to Level 80

  • Assassin <Name> - First Rogue to Level 80

  • Crusader <Name> - First Paladin to Level 80

  • Prophet <Name> - First Priest to Level 80

  • Stalker <Name> - First Hunter to Level 80

  • Warbringer <Name> - First Warrior to Level 80

  • <Name> The Malefic - First Warlock to Level 80

  • <Name> Of the Ebon Blade - First Death Knight to Level 80

  • <Name> Of the Ten Storms - First Shaman to Level 80

Race titles
Don't worry if you miss out on the classes, because the racial titles are pretty awesome, too.

  • <Name> Of Gnomeregan - First Gnome to Level 80.

  • <Name> Of Quel'thalas - First Blood Elf to Level 80.

  • <Name> Of Argus - First Draenei to Level 80.

  • <Name> Of Khaz Modan - First Dwarf to Level 80.

  • <Name> The Lion Hearted - First Human to Level 80.

  • <Name> Champion of Elune - First Night Elf to Level 80.

  • <Name> Hero of Orgrimmar - First Orc to Level 80.

  • <Name> Plainsrunner - First Tauren to Level 80.

  • <Name> Of the Darkspear - First Troll to Level 80.

  • <Name> The Forsaken - First Forsaken to Level 80.

Profession titles
These titles are likely to be achieved much faster than the aforementioned ones... all it takes is some planning, a lot of bag space, and a lot of money. With enough preparation, players might conceivably get some of these titles within an hour of when Wrath of the Lich King first goes up. Others, on the other hand, will take some time, particularly the gathering professions and Fishing.

  • Grand Master Alchemist <Name> - First to 450 Alchemy

  • Grand Master Blacksmith <Name> - First to 450 Blacksmithing

  • Iron Chef <Name> - First to 450 Cooking

  • Grand Master Enchanter <Name> - First to 450 Enchanting

  • Grand Master Engineer <Name> - First to 450 Engineering

  • Doctor <Name> - First to 450 First Aid

  • Grand Master Angler <Name> - First to 450 Fishing

  • Grand Master Herbalist <Name> - First to 450 Herbalism

  • Grand Master Scribe <Name> - First to 450 Inscription

  • Grand Master Jewelcrafter <Name> - First to 450 Jewelcrafting

  • Grand Master Leatherworker <Name> - First to 450 Leatherworking

  • Grand Master Miner <Name> - First to 450 Mining

  • Grand Master Skinner <Name> - First to 450 Skinning

  • Grand Master Tailor <Name> - First to 450 Tailoring

Other titles
Some titles will be awarded to entire groups, particularly those focused on realm first kills, with a real incentive for those Guilds who pursue 25-man content while others are purely individual titles.

  • Twilight Vanquisher <Name> - Sartharion the Onyx Guardian Realm first kill (25 player).

  • <Name> Conqueror of Naxxramas - Kel'Thuzad Realm first kill (25 player).

  • <Name> The Magic Seeker - Malygos Realm first kill (25 player)

  • <Name> The Supreme - First player to Level 80

  • <Name> Hero of Northrend - First player to Exalted with Argent Crusade, Wyrmrest Accord, Kirin Tor and Knights of the Ebon Blade

Many of these titles are pretty awesome, such as 'Warbringer' or 'Of the Ebon Blade'. For certain, players who achieves singular titles such as these deserve much respect -- not only for their perseverance, but also because anyone who can devote as much time to the game has got to be just a little crazy. For certain, however, there will be group or Guild efforts to attain them.

'Iron Chef' and 'Doctor' are probably the coolest titles of all, and the imagination runs wild with the things one can do with 'Doctor'. I would love to see a player who gets Doctor get a paid name change to 'Horrible'. As early as now, there will be strategies and battle plans geared towards obtaining these titles for the hardest of the hardcore. In a World of Warcraft with 10 million players, it will be truly interesting to see who gets to stand out.