CasaTunes pipes multiple audio streams to multiple rooms

Need another option for streaming multiple jams to multiple places? Enter CasaTunes, which is debuting a pair of devices along with accompanying software today at CEDIA. The CasaTunes XLi sits neatly within just about any desktop PC, and when connected to a CasaTunes XLa or third-party amplifier (plus speakers, natch), users can stream five separate sources of music to up to six rooms. Yeah, as in it'll manage which tracks are being pumped to which rooms. The entirely more professional CasaTunes XLe (pictured) is a rack-mount version of the XLi that adds support for 12 rooms and can be scaled up to support four boxes (or 48 rooms). There's built-in support for playing back songs coated with Microsoft's DRM, though there's no mention of any others. As for pricing / availability, expect the XLi to ship in September for $999 while the XLe departs sometime in Q4 for $1,699. Full release is after the break.


CasaTunes XLi, a basic version, plugs into almost any PC. Just hook up the CasaTunes XLa or a third-party amplifier, and speakers to output music and users can listen to music in up to six rooms of their home. Users can listen to five separate sources of music; four internal sources such as songs stored in Microsoft Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player, Internet radio or music from a USB connected iPod and one external source of music, such as an XM Tuner. CasaTunes XLi is designed for the next generation of home automation by bringing a quality audio system to IT centric home owner.

CasaTunes XLe, a professional version, also plugs into a PC and includes a separate box that can control music in up to 12 rooms of a home. Scalable, CasaTunes XLe can support up to four boxes and 48 rooms. The speaker set in each room can be changed independently from other rooms for special effects or better balancing. The XLe includes five internal and four external music sources to choose from in each box with integration to a home theater, doorbell and paging system. CasaTunes XLe is ideal for larger homes, multi-home dwellings and offices.

In both versions, zones can be set up to control certain areas of the home, like the kitchen, living room and dining room. The left and right balance, bass and treble adjustment of zones can be set and stored. Music can be selected by Album, Artist, Song Title, user assigned genre or playlist.

CasaTunes has built-in support for playing songs protected with Microsoft's Digital Rights Management (DRM) giving users access to a virtually unlimited collection of music available from several online music sites.