Keepin' it real fake, part CXXXIX: who cloned who?

Well, this is new and fresh, as while we're used to seeing cloned handsets wandering our way from China, this time they've maybe beaten Nokia to the punch pre prototype-style. At first glance, this handset appears to be a pretty decent knockoff of the 6 or 8 megapixel N85 -- or something -- we mentioned some months back. But the fun twist here -- see what we just did there? -- is that the CECT K898 was spotted a year ago, and Nokia's prototype only in the last few months. We're not strangers to the good folks at CECT's cloning shenanigans, but we'll admit that they're likely a little chuffed at the prospect of beating somebody, anybody, to the punch in the design department. Sadly, like a year ago, we still kind find even a hint of what the specs may be, but we're ok to simply sit back and watch the lawsuits fly, and this time maybe in the opposite direction.

[Via Unwired View]