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Sony chief ponders aloud over Sony Ericsson's future

It's no secret that Sony Ericsson is a weak point in Sony's vast portfolio right now, underperforming fellow European rival Nokia by many, many points of market share globally. CEO Howard Stringer (that's Sir Howard Stringer to you, by the way) knows it better than anybody, mentioning to German newspaper Die Welt that he's trying to figure out a way to turn the joint venture around or spin it off. He mentions that "buying out a partner is never an easy thing," but goes on to say that if they can't work with Ericsson to turn things around, SE will have to "find its own solution." Those are big words coming from a big man with his finger hovering over a big, red button at all times -- so yeah, it's probably in everyone's best interest to get that X1 shipping on the double, eh?