Dogs and cats living together: Sony and PNY set to re-release Ghostbusters on a flash drive

It's not clear what format or resolution it's going to be in, but Sony and PNY have just announced that they're teaming up to release one of the best movies ever, 1984's Ghostbusters, on a flash drive. That's the first full-length studio movie to go out this way, but knowing Sony, we're expecting a crazy proprietary format that only plays in a heavily DRM'd player. Even still, it's definitely a start -- and coupled with the plan to stream Hancock exclusively to Bravia Internet Link owners, it certainly seems like the company is warming up to alternative forms of distribution. Now if we could just get some DRM-free HD content in a standardized format, we'd be all set, no?

Update: it's already available on this UK site for £29, or about $60. Yeah, we'll stick to our VHS copy.

[Warning: PDF read link]