Navigon's 2200T does free traffic for life, retails for a mere $229

While many GPS manufacturers seem to be still seeing how much they can milk out of minor feature updates and monthly subscription fees, Navigon is going for the jugular with the new 2200T. The 3.5-inch-screened nav device offers up free real-time traffic updates for life -- a service that usually will run you $10 a month -- in addition to fun stuff like Reality View Pro (3D images and actual road sign text), Lane Assist Pro and text-to-speech, all for a mere $229. Three years of map updates will cost you $80, but the built-in maps for US and Canada should get you pretty far. We saw the 2200T at IFA, and while it's nothing so special to look at, that price is going bruise up some of the competition. No word on when this will hit stores, but our guess is soon.