New iPod nano and iPod touch dimensions revealed?

So, iLounge has a hot tip on dimensions for the hotly-rumored, upcoming iPod nano and iPod touch refreshes. The diagrams appear to the type of thing provided to case manufacturers so they launch their player-hugging wares on day one, but could just as easily be faked, so we'll take 'em with a grain of salt. Of note, the new fourth-gen iPod nano has supposedly slimmed down to a mere 6.08mm thick, compared to the 2nd gen's 6.5mm, while the second-gen iPod touch got all curvy on us like big brother 3G, and similarly adds thickness: 8.4mm thick, instead of 8mm on the original. More exciting than the design tweak is the addition of volume control buttons to the side of the iPod touch, though the headphone port has stuck to the base of the device. Hopefully we'll know more soon, the mock-suspense is just killing us.

Update: A couple have people have pointed out that XSKN has also made a nano 4G case to these dimensions. Hooray for them!