PSP nabbing PlayStation Store this fall, online multiplayer over PS3

Evidently fearing some outbreak of freedom and excitement, Sony has notoriously guarded its PSP's WiFi access closely, adding features such as Remote Play at a snail's pace, and keeping such obvious adds as "ad-hoc" over the internet at bay. But no longer(ish). Sony is bringing ad-hoc online multiplayer to the PSP this fall, with a firmware update to allow the portable to network over the PS3. You'll also be able to get social during gameplay, with text and voice chat in the new online mode. Additionally, the PSP is finally barging on to the PlayStation Store via WiFi, and Sony's going to kick things off with a free downloadable game, "Mainichi Issyo Portable." The best news is that this is compatible with all three PSP generations, so just because you can't afford The Screen of Awesomeness doesn't mean you're out in the cold.

[Via Joystiq]