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AT&T page confirms HTC Touch Pro as "Fuze"

Before a single AT&T-subscribing soul dreams of jumping ship for Sprint just to pick up the Touch Pro in a few weeks, hold up: we can pretty much confirm that it's coming to your neck of the woods, too. We've already seen some totally legit-looking shots of HTC's hottest QWERTY WinMo piece in AT&T trim, but now we have some more damning evidence in the form of a Google cached page detailing the so-called Fuze on the carrier's own site. As expected, we've got tri-band HSDPA, GPS, WiFi, and BlackBerry Connect waiting for us when AT&T finally decides to pull the plug on the Tilt and make this thing happen. Follow the break for AT&T's poetic Fuze verbiage -- and take your time, since there's no indication that we'll have this in stores in the next few days.

[Thanks, Fred]

HTC FUZE™(touch screen)
HTC takes Windows Mobile® smartphone design to the next level with the introduction of the highly desirable and elegant HTC FUZE™. The multi faceted HTC FUZE™ is a 3G tri-band HSDPA Windows Mobile smartphone brought to you by AT&T, which allows you access to the world and to a world of features. Going on a trip? Whether it's a spring break cruise to the islands or a business meeting in Hong Kong, AT&T has you covered with the HTC FUZE™. With the largest international footprint of any wireless provider and the powerful HTC FUZE™, only AT&T customers can make and receive calls in more than 200 countries and on 75 major cruise ships. The HTC FUZE™ for AT&T also offers e-mail and Web browsing capabilities in more than 145 countries. The world is your office with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and the HTC FUZE™. Get full access to your Microsoft Outlook mailbox, contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks; edit Microsoft Office documents or view Adobe® PDF attachments; or take advantage of support for multiple email applications including Microsoft Direct Push, Good™ Mobile Messaging, and Blackberry® Connect™.

The HTC FUZE™ is a powerful smartphone that features a large VGA touch screen that includes HTC's one touch single handed operation TouchFlo 3D user interface for quick access to most used phone features. The HTC FUZE™ includes an AT&T defined 5 row slide out / slide away keyboard for quick text entry and ultra fast messaging. The HTC FUZE™ is one of the most integrated wireless smartphone on the market today. The HTC FUZE™ keeps you connected with email, text and instant messaging, Internet access, personal organizer, video, satellite radio, and more-all at broadband speeds. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and Push to Talk round out the robust feature package making the HTC FUZE™ your "ultimate mobile smartphone".

Get to your destination quicker using voice-guided directions and real-time traffic information from AT&T Navigator. When work is done, relax with AT&T's Cellular Video (CV) service. Browse the web using a browser like the one on your desktop – zoom in and zoom out. Catch up on the most recent news or enjoy the latest music videos, HBO Mobile®, or sports on ESPN®. Download hot, new music with AT&T Mobile Music or stream XM Satellite radio.

Whether you're a mobile professional or a professional mobile user, the HTC FUZE™ is the "ultimate mobile smartphone" that allows you to be in charge of your life at work and at play -virtually wherever you go