LG PRADA II to include WiFi, even more pretension?

Looks like LG wants some bite to back up the PRADA II's bark -- assuming both the device and its specs are real, of course, since we've been basing everything we know about Lucky Goldstar's rumored fashion monster on rumors thus far. The latest word on the street has the phone packing a what's-what of good things, ranging from a 5-megapixel autofocus cam, wide QVGA display (with capacitive touch, we can only imagine), HSDPA 850 / 2100, motion sensing, an FM radio, and a WiFi radio for those poor US souls who find themselves surrounded by more 1900MHz 3G than 850. It certainly all sounds real enough -- not as revolutionary as the first PRADA may have been, but a solid upgrade. While we're waiting for LG to sort this business out in a slightly more official capacity, we'll be working on the Armani, we s'pose.