Next generation Atom processors for netbooks scheduled for Q3, 2009

Just as you were getting your head wrapped around Atom-branded Diamondville-class processors based on a Silverthorne architecture, along comes the next generation. Expected to arrive in Q3 of 2009, the new 45-nm Pineview processors will come in hyperthreaded single- and dual-core versions like the current generation Atom 2xx- and 3xx-series. However, the procs will be based on a new Lincroft micro-architecture boasting an integrated graphics core and memory manager that connects to memory via DMI, not a FSB. Unfortunately, the all important TDP power-draw off your tiny netbook's battery in currently undefined. Hit the read link for the full roadmap and processor timeline if that's the kind of thing that twirls your propellor.

[Via RegHardware]