Nikon D90 box in the wild, anticipation is palpable

No matter where you fall in this crazy DSLR war between Canon folks, Nikon folks, Sony folks and "how do you turn this thing on?" folks, there's no denying the D90 has sparked quite a lot of interest from all the right places. The video feature is just plain exciting, as is Live View and that 3-inch LCD (oh, and we hear it also takes pictures), and Nikon could very well have a hit on its hands when it actually starts shipping the thing. Which is where this box comes in. A tipster says it popped up at his Best Buy, but he's getting the impression from inventory that it won't actually be for sale this week. We hope he's wrong, but we're almost out of week. Anybody manage to nab one of these yet? Another blurrycam pic after the break.