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Screen Grabs: jerkface Verizon FiOS guy brandishes a Kindle

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Yeah, we know a Screen Grabs about a commercial about technology is kind of cheating, but there are a couple of gaffes to point out here. First, Mr. Smug Surfer-Do "I Was In A Band But We Split Up Over Creative Differences" Verizon FiOS Guy is a total jerk, so we're totally rooting for the Zach Galifianakis look-alike, even if his bandwidth might suck. Second, waving a Kindle around might make you look like you rock at your job, but we're guessing a paper clipboard is about 100 times more functional for the actual task, unless you're supposed to read self-help books to your customers. Bitter cable users who can't get FiOS yet unite!

[Thanks, Don R.]