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Intel's X25-M 80GB SSD ships this week for $595

If you'll notice, HP isn't using just any SSD drive to hit 24 hours of insanity with the EliteBook 6930p -- it's all about that Intel 80GB SSD, which has new optimizations to boost speed and apparently energy usage over current flash drives. Well, Intel also picked today to get all official about the drive itself, and it's clear those improvements and Intel's brand name come at a price: the 2.5-inch 80GB "X25-M" drive will retail for $595 when it hits this week. There's also a 3.5-inch version, the X18-M, but we're less clear on infos there. PC Per put the 2.5-incher through its paces, albeit with a slightly dated firmware version, and came away impressed, calling it the "top performing storage solution" period. We want.

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