Mad Catz intros Fender Precision Bass for Rock Band

Just in case you didn't have enough fake instruments cluttering up your living room, Mad Catz has now let loose its Fender Precision Bass for Rock Band, which it helpfully reminds us is the first ever bass guitar for the game. Among other things, this one drops the whammy bar normally found on Rock Band / Guitar Hero guitars (the volume knob does the job instead), and it incorporates a new Split Strum Bar, which promises to let you strum and pluck notes faster than a standard strum bar. Unfortunately, it's only available for the Xbox 360 at the moment, but at least the $70 price tag isn't quite as excessive as some of the other "premium" guitars out there. Now, if only someone would offer a Neil Peart-style drum kit, we'd really be able to do Rush justice, or at least out-do their now infamous performance on The Colbert Report.