Sony launching Reader refresh next month?

Sony isn't exactly going for subtle in the invitation to its upcoming event on October 2nd. In addition to that picture up above -- which is decidedly bookish, if you ask us -- the press event is being held in "Bookmarks Lounge" at the "Library Hotel" in NY. If that's still too obscure for you, perhaps the "join Sony Electronics as we open a new chapter on digital reading" will tip you off. Yes, Sony did recently improve the Reader's software to work with more booksellers, but the hardware of the PRS-505 itself is nearly a year old, and Sony has found itself decidedly out-Kindled. Our money's on a new Reader, or barring that, some subtle, Sony-esque potshots at Amazon for having the nerve to show up late to the e-book party and swipe all the glory. Those jerks.